Daily Archives: 09/11/2014

Spoils of Victory

Honey Badger kills & feeds on Porcupine. The excitement of spotting your first leopard and the thrill of being part of a pride of lions bringing down their prey, overshadow the smaller more secretive members of our Bushveld society. Often only seen for a fleeting moment before scuttling off to hide in the thickets nearby. […]

Feasting like Kings

Sunday morning, Caz came racing through the gate and I knew only a predator could be the cause of her rushing. The bush news for that morning: Lions made a kill and they are still there! I grapped my camera and we all drove back to them. It looked like they had taken advantage of […]

A Mother’s Secret…

In October I discovered an Epauletted Fruit-Bat roosting in the tree infront of our house. Haven’t seen one before, I was quite excited, got my camera ready and took some photos. To my surprise she was back the following morning and hung on the same branch from then on. I checked on her regularly as […]