Bushveld Journal Blog

Spoils of Victory

Honey Badger kills & feeds on Porcupine. The excitement of spotting your first leopard and the thrill of being part of a pride of lions bringing down their prey, overshadow the smaller more secretive members of our Bushveld society. Often only seen for a fleeting moment before scuttling off to hide in the thickets nearby. […]

Feasting like Kings

Sunday morning, Caz came racing through the gate and I knew only a predator could be the cause of her rushing. The bush news for that morning: Lions made a kill and they are still there! I grapped my camera and we all drove back to them. It looked like they had taken advantage of […]

A Mother’s Secret…

In October I discovered an Epauletted Fruit-Bat roosting in the tree infront of our house. Haven’t seen one before, I was quite excited, got my camera ready and took some photos. To my surprise she was back the following morning and hung on the same branch from then on. I checked on her regularly as […]

Reptile-Battle in the Bushveld 11

A Turner’s Thick-toed Gecko and Brown House Snake locked in a battle of sheer will power. It’s unclear who preyed on whom. But, obviously someone had ‘bitten of more than they could chew’. We were called to this scene by one of the maintenance guys; he said “Come! Look I’ve got a lizard fighting a […]

Tracking Lions on Foot 2

After tracking Lions for a couple of hours in the morning, we came to within 15m of what we thought at the time was only two females with a male, resting in a Grewia Thicket. At first we only heard soft growls, then the sound of them running off… Unarmed & heart pounding we made […]