On Safari

At first light, birds start their morning rituals, singing their song, announcing themselves to the neighbourhood and seem to act as the morning alarm clock for some species to stir and some to relax and chill for the day.
The day starts with morning coffee and as first light breakes we grab our gear and head out. We drive till we find something worthwhile or just simply find a well-known spot and wait. Being out here & reading the signs of the Bush is what makes us tick…
There is always something to learn or observe for the first time – if you are open to it.
The high pitched sound of squirrels chattering in unison. Find the squirrels and follow the direction of their gaze and you may be pleasantly surprised, a leopard or lion are not far off!
One thing is for sure: Mother Nature has no set script & you never know what to expect out here… But the thrill of catching an intimate Glimpse into the hardships, our most precious species endure for daily survival, will make you feel ALIVE!


On Safari with Wild PhotographiX:



Tailor-made Safaris

We offer tailor-made Safaris because it is Your Safari.
Let us know your wishes & expectations for your adventure in Africa’s wilderness & we will create a package that suits all your needs to make your dream come true.
Join us on a breath-taking adventure through the wild side of Africa.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Caroline & Anna
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